Happy (slightly belated) Macaron Day!!


Today's cooking adventures started with a bit of a mishap, courtesy of an error in "The Book"... The recipe for Chocolate Macarons calls for granulated sugar with the almond flour, which I found a bit odd, but I figured: Benefit of the doubt, right?

Don't get me wrong! They're actually quite tasty, and crispy... I think they're gluten-free, and I think they're a great cookie...

But they aren't a Macaron!!

I made a second batch with the same weight-measurement of powdered sugar instead of the granulated sugar the recipe called for, and suddenly, a Macaron appeared! "Hurray! They have feet!!" (The foot is the ring of bubbly-ness around the bottom.)

The cookies themselves aren't SUPER chocolatey... They have a bit of cocoa in them, and you could probably identify them as chocolate, but to punch up the flavour, they're sandwiched with Chocolate Ganache!! Lindt dark chocolate (the gold-wrapped bar) and heavy cream... Fabulous stuff!

And, of course, some love for the 'special' cookies... I think it was due to my piping technique, but about 12 cookies came out with not-so-lovely defects... Fortunately, they taste delicious!