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Tonight's recipe is Page 295: Pate a Croissant. That's right, I'm going to make Croissants!!

It's 10pm, and so far, the détrempe is mixed and in the fridge, and the beurrage has been pounded, and is also back in the fridge.

Pounded, you ask?

Beurrage is butter (just butter) that you take and pound on with a rolling pin to soften, to the point that it can be rolled out. You want it still cold so it doesn't melt into the détrempe (A dough of flour, sugar, salt, beurre en pommade, water, milk and yeast), but not so cold and hard that it cracks when you're turning and rolling the package of dough and butter.

Pictures tomorrow morning, when I actually MAKE the croissants. What could be better than a fresh, hot croissant for a Monday morning breakfast?

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