Marshmallow Making, part 2

The marshmallows won't get cut up until tomorrow morning, and I'm grumpy about them, so I don't feel like writing... 

Okay fine. What went wrong? I think I need a better candy thermometer... Or to figure out a better way... *sigh* I kept over heating my sugar... Well, you'll see. 

 Mise-en-Place, in place!

Gelatin, Blooming.

Sugar, boiling.

See? I *DID* try the thermometer...

Yeah, that wasn't what I was looking for... My pan was too large, and so the syrup didn't come up to the sensor on the thermometer...

It was hot, and I was frustrated. 

Let's try this again... 

Does that not look like a sticky mess?

In the pan, to sit overnight before I can cut them. 

Seriously! Does that not look REALLY sticky?! 
I think these are going to turn out gummy, because the syrup was too hot even the second time around. But, from what I can taste, they'll still be very, very yummy. 

And once they go into hot chocolate, perfectly lovely, I'm sure.

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  1. Well, I'm really glad you made marshmallows, because you're such a great sport letting everyone learn from your trial and error. I have no doubt I'll still have plenty of error when I attempt my first batch, but at least I'll know I'm in good company! Great post!