The Macaron - So simple, and yet, so daunting... 

Getting my Mise-en-place, erm, en place! 

Left to right - Icing sugar, egg white, the piping bag, almond flour, more icing sugar, and some very yummy, rather pricy, seedless raspberry jam I picked up. 

The almond flour and icing sugar went for a spin together, so blend and make everything just a bit finer. 

I decided, after some deliberation, so put a little bit of food colouring into the mix. This is egg white and icing sugar, with a little red and a little orange, for some lovely colour. A lot of macarons I've seen are super bright and fabulous, but I thought that a pretty peach would go nicely with the dark red of the jam. 

I couldn't find a LARGE round piping tip, so I improvised, and just used a large coupler... Before I make these again, I'm defintely going to buy myself a large, round piping tip. I'm guessing it'll also come in handy for making eclairs and such!

Pre-baking. You let these rest an hour, so that they can develop a skin which will turn into a beautiful crust... 

Post-baking... They have the foot that they're supposed to have!! I don't think they're anywhere near perfect, but I think they're beautiful, and that makes me happy!

Yum. Just... Yum.
Would I make these again, even with the hassle of making my own almond flour?

Goodness, yes! In a heartbeat! These were worth every SECOND of time and effort... They're beautiful, and delicate, and rich... I think that next time, I might try some kind of citrus buttercream...

The combination of the almonds and raspberries, the crunch of the crust and the delicate chewiness of the inside... 

I can understand why these are so revered! They are amazing!