In the interests of honesty...

I suppose I should blog my failures too, for all my readers. (As in... Hi Abbey!!)

Tonight's recipe was "Pots de Creme au Chocolat", which is basically a dark chocolate baked custard. Not many ingredients, looks pretty simple...

What could go wrong, right?
Mise-en-Place in place! Mmm, dark, dark chocolate!!

You whip 1 egg, 1 egg yolk, a pinch of salt and 1 oz of sugar until it's a very pale yellow. I actually learned something from the book today! Apparently, if you leave the sugar sitting on the egg for too long without doing anything, it'll actually dehydrate the yolk, called "Burning" the egg!

3 oz of delicious, dark chocolate... It goes into some boiling cream and milk, and then stir until melted... Then you temper the egg mixture with the chocolate mix, and then add it all together. 

You strain the resulting custard... Yumm!! Smooth! Delicious! Choccccolatey goodness! What could possibly go wrong?!

I'm guessing this is a curdled custard. Which would probably mean that the heat was too high... It looks like it actually foamed up, because the cover had bits of the custard on it! 

What will I do differently next time? I'll DEFINITELY be turning down the heat!!

But it's still incredibly delicious, so I'll be practicing until perfect!!


  1. Aww, Chantel. Practice makes perfect, right? You're doing great. :)

    I just wanted to show you that Abbey isn't your only follower. You KNOW tons of people read this, right? :)

  2. Do you?! I thought everyone just ogled my pics on FB!! (YAY!!!)