are delicious. Seriously, seriously delicious. 


Basically, croissants are dough, and butter... I mean, of course they're yummy!! They're loaded with butter!

The Mise-en-Place - Flour, Sugar, Salt, Water, Milk, Yeast, Butter, and BUTTER! Yes, two butters. 

The smaller amount of butter (in the blue bowl) is make into something called Beurre en Pommade. Basically, you want the butter to be the consistancy of thick sour cream, while still being cool. This gets mixed in with the flour mixture. 

Then you want to roll the dough out, and then roll/pound the larger amount of butter, called the Beurrage, until it's 2/3 of the size of the détrempe, or the dough. Have you ever pounded butter into a 12"x12" square? It's challenging, and uses up a lot of plastic wrap!!

Then there's all the folding, rolling out, and chilling. I would suggest that you plan out your time for this, so you don't end up in bed at 1am like me. 

 After the 4th turn... That's what those 4 divots are for. I've cut the dough in half, because there's no way I'm going to need 24 croissants in one day. 

You actually make a small slit at the bottom of the triangle of dough, to help roll the ends out... I never knew that before!

Rolled, and ready to proof (heh, poof!)
And then... 


Wow! I can't say that this was an EASY recipe, but I thought it was a lot of fun! And something I'd never done before!

They turned out flaky and chewy on the inside, and light... I think that they need just a TINY bit more salt next time, because the flavor, though buttery and YUM, was just a teensy bit on the flat side. 

I can't believe that I made croissants from SCRATCH! I never thought I'd be this girl... But this feels so right! The feel of creating something delicious and nourishing... And I love that really, these are made with ingredients that most people keep at home anyway... No trips to the nether-regions of health-food stores or Asian supermarkets... You won't even need to ask which aisle the ingredients are in!!

Try this, people! Or, better yet, come up for a visit!!

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