Cake time!

And what could I be cooking with this, you ask?

Could is be... Carrot cake?

This is the first time I'd made a cake like this! Generally, the cakes I make are butter and sugar, creamed together... Eggs, vanilla... Flour, Milk... 

For this carrot cake, you start by whisking the eggs and sugar over hot water until a certain temperature, and then you take it off the heat and whisk, and whisk, and whisk... By the time I got to s l o w l y drizzling in the oil, my hand was a big bundle of cramps. I had no idea whether or not this whole thing was going to work. Did I whisk enough? Not enough? Beat the flour in too much?

I'd never made a successful genoise-style cake before, and I'd only ever made one attempt... And after my recent failure (and then only moderate success) with the Pots de Creme au Chocolat, I wasn't feeling very confident. 

Well, see for yourself!


And then... There was the cream cheese frosting... Oh yeah, baby!



  1. Damn you, now I want carrot cake!

  2. Damn! I'm drooling over this post and I don't even like carrot cake. That is one gorgeous cake!

  3. Wow that is one fantastic looking carrot cake! OMG :D

  4. Ummm... I'm not sure how it tastes just from these pictures. You'd better send me a piece. :oP